Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A weighty question

With one in four adults in the UK considered obese, we’re delighted to support this initiative in helping tackle the problem of being overweight. Last week (12-18 January), saw National Obesity Awareness Week, a well-planned programme of events to help children and adults understand more about obesity and how to tackle it. Whether it’s by cooking more healthily, or being more active, the idea is to encourage a positive approach to the problem.

One fun idea for the campaign was a quiz where MPs and school children put their nutrition knowledge to the test. It was organised by the Eat Like A Champ (run by Danone), part of the Change4Life scheme designed to encourage healthy lifestyles among pupils between nine and 10.

So how much do you know about nutrition and healthy eating? Why not take a look at this extract from the quiz and see for yourself (answers at the end).

Eat Like A Champ Quiz

Q1 The Eatwell plate is the UK healthy eating model. How many food groups does the Eatwell plate have?
(a) 7 (b) 6 (c) 5

Q2 Which of these two Eatwell plate food groups are the same size?
(a) Milk and dairy foods group and Meat, fish, eggs, beans group (b) Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta group and the Fruit and vegetables group (c) Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar group and Milk and dairy foods group

Q3 How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we eat each day?
(a) At least 5 portions (b) 2 portions of fruit and 2 portions of vegetables (c) 5 small spoonfuls

Q4 Which one of these should be included in your lunch every day?
(a) a large portion of food high in fat (b) a portion of oily fish (c) a portion of starchy food

Q5 Approximately how much more fat do crinkle cut crisps have compared with baked crisps?
(a) twice as much (b) three times as much (c) four times as much

Q6 Which of the following does not count as 1 of your 5 a day?
(a) a glass of fruit juice (b) a portion of raisins (c) a jacket potato

Q7 How many drinks should a primary school pupil have each day?
(a) 10-12 drinks (b) 6-8 drinks (c) 3-4 drinks

Q8 If you don’t eat regularly, you will probably feel…
(a) healthy and happy (b) tired and hungry (c) focused and energetic

Q9 Which of the following snacks is highest in sugar?
(a) a berry muffin (b) a portion of potato wedges (c) a ring doughnut

Q10 Which of the following do we need to do to be a healthy weight?
(a) eat fruit, vegetables and salad (b) do a lot of sport (c) eat well and be active

Q11 Which of these nutrients is needed for healthy bones?
(a) carbohydrate (b) calcium (c) protein

Q12 Which of these activities would use the most energy if they were carried out for 15 minutes?
(a) swimming (b) cooking (c) football

Q1 (c) 5 Q2 (b) Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta group and the Fruit and vegetables group Q3 (a) at least 5 portions Q4 (c) a portion of starchy food: Q5 (c) four times as much Q6 (c) a jacket potato (explanation: potatoes are high in starchy carbohydrate and therefore count as a starchy food such as bread, rice and pasta) Q7 (b) 6-8 drinks Q8 (b) tired and hungry Q9 (a) a berry muffin (explanation: a berry muffin = 16.8g sugar, a portion of potato wedges = 0.5g sugar, a ring doughnut = 9.2g sugar.) Q10 (c) eat well and be active Q11 (b) calcium Q12 (a) swimming

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