Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tina tries... Up close and personal

By Tina Betts

In her first ever gym session, Tina is put to work by her personal trainer…
I’m nervous about meeting my personal trainer for the first time. My most pressing worry is… argh, what do I wear?

My trainers are caked in mud, as the last time I used them was for gardening, and my trackie bottoms are stored safely in a suitcase on top of the wardrobe (they’re certainly going to need an iron!)
But with trainers cleaned and bottoms pressed, I'm ready to meet my nemesis… Nuffield Health’s Lloyd. Turns out he’s a laid-back kind of guy who quickly puts me at ease, but just as quickly puts me to work. Taking into account last week’s MOT and having listened to my goals, he’s worked out a programme for me. I start with a set of exercises, so he can gauge my fitness level (squats, twists, mountain climbing). With each set he ups the challenges. So far, so good as, 20 mins in I'm still standing and confident I can get through this first session without looking like a numpty.

I resist the urge to giggle every time Lloyd asks if I can "feel it in my glutes yet?" I have no idea where my glutes are (I now know they’re bottom cheeks, and yes, I can feel them). I’m also introduced to my core – that’s tummy, mid and lower back, hips, shoulders and neck regions. And, boy, do they get a work out (I’m really feeling it the next day).

Was the workout worth it? Well! I’ve overcome my reluctance about gyming it - I’m even excited about my next session. Best thing is, I’ve realised I can do it. Over the next few weeks Lloyd is going to help me build up my stamina and, to help, he’s suggested I fit in a cardio session. So next week you can read all about my aqua aerobics session. Now where’s that cossie?

Personal training sessions at Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centres cost from £55 for a single session. A five-hour booking costs £230 (that’s £46 a session) but it’s cheaper if you pay by direct debit. See

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  1. I, too, was quite nervous and rather intimidated the first time I worked out with a personal trainer, but he turned out to be nothing like I thought he might be! He was very kind, patient and encouraging. He pushed me when he knew I had more to give, and instilled patience and discipline in me.

    Rachel Drakes @ Fitness Together

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